Simple, efficient student-teacher observation tools.

Set goals, track documents and analyze big data.

On the device of your choosing.

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SkyRocket's Features

Accessible wherever you go

We know that schools can be a wifi nightmare. With that in mind we create a responsive application that changes based on your device. Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, we've got it all covered so that you can worry less about your device and more about your student-teachers.

A more colloborative evaluation

SkyRocket gets everyone on the same page whether they contribute hourly or monthly. We get your teacher-evaluator conversations, goals and documents up in the cloud and into everyone's hands.

Join us for #SkyRocket2013

We'll be officially launching our software on August 28th. Contact us if you'd like to be one of the first universities to implement SkyRocket.



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250 Teachers

10 Evaluators

Unlimited Storage

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